Personal Spectrum is a group of Photographers who enjoy taking pictures without the arrogance of art, we are people who take pictures that some people like, hopefully you do too !

John Pusieski:
I am a simple guy who points a box at cool things and presses a button.....some people like it, hopefully you will too!

Kelsey Kite:
"I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but have become more serious about it in the last 3-4 years. I love finding inspiration in everything around me, and try to give a unique perspective to my viewers."

Dakota Tumlinson:
Dakota is a fine young man who is just finding his way with a camera, but has a unique and refreshing perspective on photography and it shows in his growing body of work.

Nathalie B.

Tibi Tomulet :
Born in the highlands of Transylvania in the late 1960s, Tibi Tomulet immigrated to the United States in 1986 at the early age of seventeen. After a long career as a Technical Analyst for American Airlines and Horizon Air, he started writing, and was first published in an anthology created by the Write Around Portland organization. He also contributed an article on caffeine addiction published in the book "Confessions of a Caffeine Addict" published by SCR Books. Currently he works as a copy editor for The City Insight magazine of Raleigh, North Carolina. He also writes the Durham Technology Examiner column for Examiner.com.