Jury Grand Prize Winner 2013
27th Arts Exhibition in Pacy sur Eure - France
Nathalie Balluais is the Jury's Grand Prize 2013 Winner among 20 artists.

More details to come
Published !
John Pusieski recently had two of his photos selected for publishing and will appear in the coffee table Capture Clark County which showcases the beauty surrounding Clark County Washington. More details here !
Introducing The Icon series !
If you had to chose 25 artists whom through their craft have influenced the person you have become, how you hear, see and perceive art and the world around you? Who would it be?

Personal Spectrum is proud to announce the addition of "The Icon Series" based on our very own Nathalie Balluais being commissioned by the mayor of Les Andelys, a beautiful city in the region of Upper Normandy in France to an exclusive exhibition located at the Mayors House Gallery. The grand opening will be on March 3rd and will run through March 30th. We will run a contest along with this series so start trying to figure out whom these Icons are....more details to follow and thanks for popping in.

Check them out here:
Photo of the day !
Personal Spectrum's John Pusieski won photo of the day for October 2nd in a local contest put on by The Columbian newpaper, now we wait to see if Kelsey is going to enter the fray !
The Tomulet Project
Please welcome to our crew Tibi Tomulet, Tibi has been a great friend thru the years and I recently learned that he is quite a talented writer, we have decided to take on a project in hopes of someday publishing a book, my job in all this is to try and put images that capture the mood and feeling of the words he has been writing for some time now, its quite a challenge and you can follow along with what he have come up with so far, hopefully you will enjoy this as much as we are.

This is in no way a finished product more just a place to keep things organized, fonts and arrangement of text will come when or if we ever finish this, so for now its a way for anyone interested to follow our progress, hopefully you will enjoy it !

John Pusieski 05-09-2011
Today is the Day !
We are moving a bit slowly today, so please bear with us for just a bit longer and we will have the store up and running and I will explain a bit more who we are and what we do !


John Pusieski